Advice from staff at Farmacia de Gressi is focal point in Desenzano.

Advice from staff at Farmacia de Gressi has been a focal point for the people of Desenzano for more than 40 years, thanks to their skills, professionalism and friendly assistance.

Over the years, more particular attention has been focused on well-being and new aspects of health care: homeopathy, naturopathy, food intolerances, nutrition, natural cosmetics.

Farmacia de Gressi also furthers support to new mothers and children, actively advising and divulging new therapeutic approaches.

The pharmacy also vaunts specialised lines of cosmetics and natural cosmetics. As well as offering a complete range of known pharmaceutical preparations, customers can avail of personalised advice for the use of natural products prepared directly in the pharmacy’s own laboratory.

Booking a personal appointment

Leader in the local panorama of pharmacies, Farmacia de Gressi offers:

  • Professional advice on the use of drugs and OVC medications
  • Pharma-vegan advice on nutrition for “omnivors”, vegetarians, vegans (where to buy products – conferences on the theme and tasting sessions)
  • Homeopathic advice (specialised staff)
  • Naturopathic advice (in-house staff and external consultants)
  • Various theme evenings with specialists in homeopathy and naturopathy
  • Advice and personalised cosmetic treatment (in-house staff and external consultants: face, hair, body, olfaction, advice on make-up, prevention of photo-ageing
  • Advice during pregnancy, child care and weaning (in-house staff and external consultants).


The specialised skills of de Gressi staff has always been an added value offered to customers when they buy the medicine: the pharmacist indicates the most suitable product, explains how it should be used, but also gives advice on healthy daily practice to ensure the best benefits and to limit side effects.

This professional knowledge has been acquired over almost half a century and is put to every good use in advising customers in their personal choices.

Staff at Farmacia de Gressi are available for individual advice on request.

Personalised advice from our chemists and external consultants can thus be applied to each person’s specific needs.

Our avant-garde services unite the professionalism and skills of chemists and experts, registered doctors with 360° modern health and well-being needs: uncontaminated health foods, correct body weight, resistance to allergies and intolerances, perfect care of body and hair.


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