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Body care and holistic cosmetics: Anna Nocera

Since 2007 she has been in charge of the body care department at the de Gressi pharmacy.

“I gained my experience in this sector first in a perfumery, then as a consultant for a cosmetic company. I have always been attracted by this ambient, as a young girl especially by the colours of make-up and the soft feel of creams, then as years went by, my attention focused more and more on cosmetics I would like to call “holistic” and which find their ideal collocation in a pharmacy.

Body care as a whole, aesthetic care for the face and hair, are both ways of communicating with ourselves. Taking care of one’s complexion, noticing the changes brought on with ageing, helping to keep skin fresh as long as possible, these gestures are not only a natural sign of wanting to be attractive but they also show the love we dedicate to ourselves and, indirectly, to the world that surrounds us.

In this vision it is fundamental for those working in the pharmacy and giving advice to seek and select products that are capable of fulfilling this task as accurately as possible; our idea is that the answer comes directly from Nature. The lines we have chosen demonstrate concretely that cosmetic effects can be derived from the natural characteristics of the ingredients. For every sort of cure, we can offer products created with selected raw materials, in many cases organic and certified, in recyclable packaging, which respect the skin as well as the environmental impact because beauty and goodness cannot be separated.

For make-up, as well, we have selected products with these characteristics so the refined art of emphasizing and valorising one’s own face with light and colour can be applied in total safety with delicate ingredients to suit even the most sensitive complexion.

We have considered it only right to offer also pharmaceutical cosmetics for those needing a greater concentration of active principles and, together with the manufacturers, contribute to awareness campaigns regarding especially the damage caused by sunlight and the necessity for adequate protection.

In this department you will also find a selection of body fragrances and essences for the home environment making a pleasant addition to your day.

In a nutshell, this is our idea of beauty, harmony and happiness. We’ll be pleased to share it with you.”

Anna Nocera


Anna Nocera

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